Ecaade 2010



Conference Prizes

Overall Best Presentation Award

The 2010 eCAADe Conference coincided with 10 years of committed conference sponsoring by Bentley. In order to celebrate this anniversary, eCAADe awarded an Best Presentation Award, for the overall best conference presentation (i.e. without age limit). This prize included a 500€ reward sponsored by Bentley. The winner of this prize has been selected by all the conference participants and is:

  • Benjamin Dillenburger from ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland

Ivan Petrovic Award

This year's Ivan Petrovic Award was awarded to:

  • Kateřina Nováková from Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Pia Fricker from ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland.

Automation in Construction, Special Issue

Ten best papers of the conference have been selected for publication of extended versions in a special issue of Automation in Construction. The selected papers are:

  • Energy Monitoring and Visualization System for U-ECO City:
Designing a spatial information model for energy monitoring in the context of large amount data management on a web based platform.
Dongyoun Shin, Thomas Seibert, Steffen P. Walz, Yoon Choe, Sung Ah Kim.
  • Evaluating the Environmental Implications of Density:
A comparative case study on the relationship between density, urban block typology and sky view factor performance
Ji Zhang, Chye Kiang Heng, Daniel Jun Chung Hii, Patrick Janssen, Lai Choo Malone-Lee, Beng Kiang Tan.
  • Computer-Generated Circulation Diagrams in Macro-Scale Design Investigation
Odysseas Kontovourkis.
  • Optimizing Solar Insolation in Transformable Fabric Architecture:
A parametric search design process
Earl Mark.
  • Parametric Approach to the Bioclimatic Design of a Student Housing Building in Patras, Greece
Angelos Chronis, Katherine A. Liapi.
  • World16:
Innovation and collaboration in VR technology
Yoshihiro Kobayashi, Christopher J. Grasso, Michael J. McDearmon .
  • System-Embedded Building Design and Modeling:
Parametric systems modeling of buildings and their environment for performance-based and strategic design
Philipp Geyer, Martin Buchholz.
  • Performance-Oriented Design of Large Passive Solar Roofs:
A method for the integration of parametric modelling and genetic algorithms
Michela Turrin, Peter von Buelow, Rudi Stouffs and Axel Kilian .
  • Macro Thinking & Micro Action:
A digital simulation example for the southern part of Beijing, China
Xiaofan Deng, Haidong Ma.
  • Agent based Emission Evaluation of Traffic in Dynamic City Models
Gideon D. P. A. Aschwanden, Tobias Wullschleger, Hanspeter Müller, Gerhard Schmitt.
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