Ecaade 2010



Conference Registration

Registration is now open. Please first carefully read the registration guidelines below. To register, please click here.

Registration Fees

The registration fee comprises access to all presentations, a catered lunch buffet, attendance of the conference dinner and gala dinner, as well as a printed copy and a CD copy of the proceedings.

Please note that one non-student registration is required for each paper to be fully accepted.

Full Registration Fee
- Normal: 525 CHF
- Early bird (before June 8th): 450 CHF
Reduced Registration Fee*
- Normal: 450 CHF
- Early bird (before June 8th): 350 CHF
Student Registration Fee - Auditing Only**
- Normal: 80 CHF

(*) The reduced fee applies to participants currently employed or enrolled at institutions of the following countries based on the GDP: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

(**) The student registration fee entitles students to audit all presentations, but does not include entry to the conference dinner and to the gala dinner. Students are provided with a CD copy of the proceedings but not a printed copy. Students must email a copy of their student ID to when registering.

Accompanying guests can be registered for the evening social events. The fee for the conference dinner on September 15th is 90 CHF, while the gala dinner on September 16th costs 120 CHF.

While we highly prefer that you use a credit card to register, you have the possibility of paying separately using a bank transfer. Please see bank transfer information.

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