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Performative urban design

Date and time: September 13 & 14, 2010 from 10:00 am 6:00 pm
Available seats/ max. seats: 8/8

Organizers: Christian Derix, Pablo Miranda, Asmund Gamlesaeter, Lucy Helme
Contact email for registration and questions:
Affiliation: Aedas|R&D London, UK

Deadline for registration: August 30, 2010
Registration fee: free to eCAADe conference participants

This 2 day workshop explores an urban design simulation framework called Digital Masterplanning developed by the Computational Design and Research group (CDR) at Aedas|R&D, London. CDR has researched and designed the digital framework to simulate tacit objectives and properties of designing urban spaces and public places (place-making). The framework consists of a series of interactive real-time light applications that integrate into the design workflow.

The CDR group will demonstrate the implementation and use of the framework on live projects and the current research. Urban design participants will use aspects of an actual project of their own choice to test the simulations and explore the potentials for an iterative design process integrating their own methodology with the small simulation applications.

The phenomena explored via designs refer to movement, access, visibility, permeability, legibility and other aspects of the quality of the public realm, as well as related block footprint and envelope definitions (massing).

Finally, participating designers will suggest their vision of how to adapt and extend existing simulations to their objectives and how to model tacit knowledge about the design process of public spaces and place-making.

Submission information:
Applicants are invited to propose projects ahead of the workshop to evaluate the feasibility of the projects in terms of scale, design stage and complexity - to be used as case studies during the workshop. Project material for input to the simulations needs to be prepared in advance to allow for quick and in-depth exploration (preparations are not time-consuming). Please contact to get feedback on projects aspects and types by emailing the workshop chairs by the 30th of August 2010.

Technical requirements:
Apart from their project input, participants should bring their own laptops to trial the simulation framework, which will partially be installed.

Urban design professionals and planning officials will be preferred as participants.


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