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From Materials to Cities:

Materials, their properties and the design of buildings and urban spaces –

Contribution of complex materials to a holistic design approach.

Date and time: Monday, September 13, 2010 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Room: HIT J53

Organizer(s): Sven Mönnig
Contact email for registration:
Affiliation: BASF Construction Chemicals GmbH, Germany

Registration fee: free participation without conference registration.

Cities, buildings and designed living spaces are the manifestation of ideas by the use of materials. Almost all questions relating to environmental friendly and sustainable cities are strongly connected to the utiliza-tion of appropriate materials.
New assessment systems, like “Leeds, Breem and the DGNB certificate”, require an optimized design process where information of different levels will be consolidated and evaluated. The first step in a design process towards an urban space has to be the availability of the right materials and solutions.
BASF as a supplier for the construction industry is promoting and supporting an active interdisciplinary exchange between all relevant parties, ranging from materials to design.
This interdisciplinary communication is challenging for scientists, material producers, engineers and architects. However, its quality and quantity will have enormous influence on the final product, might it be a city, a building or modules of a building.
We would like to address this exchange within this interactive workshop. All participants are asked to present their experience during the workshop relating to these fields:

  • Examples for a creative and productive innovation chain with interesting solutions which include the use of materials, its integration into solutions and their final utilization
  • Communication between architects, engineers and material providers
  • New approaches where materials were integrated into new design processes
  • Address questions and ideas regarding material - solution interaction

Call us in our research center for additional information:
0049 (0) 8621 86 – 0.

Submission information:
Applications to the workshop are invited in the form of brief abstracts (approximately 150-300 words long) formatted according to the eCAADe2010 paper guidelines ( The submitted contributions will be assessed by the workshop committee, with the view of covering the breadth and depth of the suggested topics.
Please submit your abstracts by emailing the workshop chairs by the 30th of August 2010.


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