Ecaade 2010



High Performance Buildings

Building Information Modeling and management for the design, construction, and operation of buildings.

Date and time: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Room: HIT J51

Organizer(s): Zeljko Djuretic
Contact email for registration:
Affiliation: Bentley Europe

Registration fee: free participation without conference registration.

Buildings enable the activities of our society, providing shelter, safety, health and housing our productive efforts. The design, delivery and operation of buildings is the world’s largest industry. Ensuring that the design, construction and operations of buildings is performed effectively and produces the best results sustains these professions and our society.

Bentley's fully integrated multi-disciplinary software empowers architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, energy assessors, site designers, and other professionals to design, analyze, construct, manage buildings of all types and scales. Each discipline-specific application provides an informed work environment to support the design and documentation process throughout all phases of the project lifecycle – from conceptual design and construction documentation to coordination and construction.

Submission information:
Applications to the workshop are invited in the form of brief abstracts (approximately 150-300 words long) formatted according to the eCAADe2010 paper guidelines ( Contributions may include examples of the digital design chain and express interests in using the software in a particular workflow. The submitted contributions will be assessed by the workshop committee, with the view of covering the breadth and depth of the suggested topics.

Please submit your abstracts by emailing the workshop chairs by the 6th of September 2010.

Technical requirements:
Participants are required to bring their own laptops for hands-on lessons.


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