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Date and time: Monday, September 13, 2010 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Available seats/ max. seats: 15/15

Organizers: Luis E. Fraguada, Tomas Diez Ladera
Contact email for registration:
Affiliation: Live Architecture Network Barcelona

Deadline for registration: August 30, 2010
Registration fee: free to eCAADe conference participants

This workshop seeks to address the current state of associative design and manufacturing. While the tools we adopt for the design of the built environment are increasingly allowing us to operate on larger and larger scales, they remain disconnected from real time data sources. This workshop proposes workflows and techniques which allow designers a connection to real world, real time data.

Humanity’s largest creation is the city, a constantly morphing organism with an amazing capacity to compute informal organizations. It is our aim to view the city as a computational system, capable of calculating with a capacity which far exceeds that of our current supercomputers.

The workshop will implement several prefabricated sensory nodes which participants can easily connect to, manipulate, and share. The idea is to generate a broadcast system where all of the participants can subscribe to a sensory feed which will be driving certain parameters in an associative model. The sensory nodes will be prefabricated in the Fab Lab BCN and brought to Zurich in order to be able to begin receiving and relaying data on day one.

Workshop participants will be working with Grasshopper, a generative, nodal based design environment where users will be able to receive real time sensor data in order to interactively update their models. Connection to the sensory data will be done through gHowl, a set of custom components written for Grasshopper which allow users to connect to existing data streams, and also to emit manipulated data back to the sensor data stream.

Technical requirements:
Participants are required to bring their own laptops.

Submission information:
Applications to the workshop are invited in the form of brief abstracts (approximately 150-300 words long) formatted according to the eCAADe2010 paper guidelines ( Contributions may include examples of the digital design chain and express interests in using the software in a particular workflow. The submitted contributions will be assessed by the workshop committee, with the view of covering the breadth and depth of the suggested topics.

Please submit your abstracts by emailing the workshop chairs by the 30th of August 2010.

This workshop is open to eCAADe 2010 conference participants only.


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