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From Points to Project

New land surveying techniques and its impact on topological design and visualization

Date and time: September 14, 2010 from 9:00 am 6:00 pm
Available seats/ max. seats: 8/10
Registration status: open

Organizers: Pia Fricker, Alexandre Kapellos, James Melsom, Werner Pascal
Contact email for registration:
Affiliation: Institute of Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich

Deadline for registration: August 30, 2010
Registration fee: free to eCAADe conference participants

The workshop, lead by the team from the Landscape Visualisation and Modelling Laboratory (LVML.NET), shall demonstrate a streamlined process of the acquisition, processing, and editing of topographical site data, optimised for analytical or design applications. During this one-day workshop, participants will engage in the acquisition of topographical scan data, with a medium range laser scanner, integrate and geo-locate the data into a larger dataset, and optimise the data for use in a simple design exercise, using Rhino 3D. The emphasis of the workshop is on generating efficient workflows in the capture and processing of high-resolution site meshes, while maximising the direct applications for the various fields within Landscape, Planning, and Architecture.

Our aim is to offer a very high level workshop introducing a streamlined process from topographical site data acquisition to generating new site models and visions.

Thematic Discussion

  • Open discussion on use and applicability of acquired data and methods for participants

Skill Building

  • Scanning of topography using a Riegl Laser Scanner- Integration of data set into various other Geo-located sources using RiScan Pro
  • Refinement of datasets


  • Generation of datasets for various applications, including point-clouds, optimised meshes, GIS database integration, and models for direct CNC milling, in Autodesk Autocad Civil 3D and Rhino 3D with plugin and scripting support

Technical requirements:
Familiarity with either CAD applications, Rhino 3D, and point cloud editing software recommended, but not required. Own laptops are not needed in this workshop. The workshop will be held in the Landscape Visualisation and Modelling Lab

Submission information:
Applications to the workshop are invited in the form of brief abstracts (approximately 150-300 words long) formatted according to the eCAADe2010 paper guidelines ( Contributions may include examples of the digital design chain and express interests in using the software in a particular workflow. The submitted contributions will be assessed by the workshop committee, with the view of covering the breadth and depth of the suggested topics.

Please submit your abstracts by emailing the workshop chairs by the 30th of August 2010. Please include mention of existing software and methods for topographical data work, to maximise the applicabiliy of the workshop to all participants. The number of attendees is limited to 10.

This workshop is open to eCAADe 2010 conference participants only.


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